Root Canal Bag


I’m Root Canal Bag – an adventurer traveling the world and you can follow my adventures on Instagram @rootcanalbag.

So far I’ve watched a Chelsea game in London, hiked the French Alps in a blizzard, played soccer at Pleasant Park (Fortnite reference), and relaxed on beaches in California, Mexico, Greece and Italy. I’ve hiked trails across the United States – Arizona, California, Utah, Montana – OK maybe just the Western United States so far. But I hope to make it back East. I am always willing to try new things and meet new people. I am a Root Canal Bag and this is my story!

Wait, that’s a bit dramatic. And what exactly is a Root Canal Bag – I mean you can’t just drop root canals into a travel story with no explanation. Let’s face it, when someone compares something to a root canal they don’t mean it was fun, exciting, or blissful!

But that’s where I come in. There is a purpose to my travels. I want to give root canals the brilliant reputation they deserve. An impossible task you say. Well, I am up to the challenge. I am a root canal ambassador! (I know still a little too dramatic 🙂