Environmentally conscious endodontists in Gilbert Arizona.

One of our patients asked if we were a “green” office. Although being green means different things to different people, we do believe that implementing eco-friendly practices isn’t just good for the environment, it is also good for our patients. We strive to keep our patients healthy through environmentally sustainable methods. So we’ve invested in technology and procedures that make a trip to Asrari Endodontics good for our patients and good for the planet. For example:

  • We use digital imaging technology that exposes our patients to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. This technology also eliminates the need for film and toxic chemicals needed to develop the film.
  • We use online patient registration, digital patient charts, e-faxes, and file insurance claims electronically to limit the amount of paper we use. 
  • We use a steam based, surgical grade instrument sterilization system that contains no harsh chemicals and cuts down on water use.
  • We use a special water filtration system that allows for environmentally sound disposal of any dental materials, helping to prevent pollution of our local water systems.
  • We consciously seek out materials that are non-toxic to help maintain our patients’ well-being.
  • Finally, we make every effort to decrease our carbon footprint – from reducing our use of paper to maximizing energy efficiency by using LED and compact fluorescent bulbs.

Whether or not these and other steps make us a “green” office, we certainly strive to create a healthy environment for ourselves, our patients, and our planet.