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3D Imaging

Asrari Endodontics offers the latest digital 3D and panoramic imaging. Our goal is to provide you with the best, most accurate, and thorough diagnosis possible. Recent technological breakthroughs allow us to make major advances in our ability to achieve that goal. CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), also referred to as 3D, is a new technology similar to CAT scans in that it will give us a 360 degree, three dimensional view of the area we are examining. With its extremely high resolution and low radiation, CBCT imaging offers a large volume of information and subtle details that simply cannot be obtained by any two-dimensional X-ray.

3D dental imaging (CBCT) in Gilbert and Tempe Arizona.

Clinical studies support this technology’s improved diagnostic capabilities. We feel strongly that this state-of-the-art technology will allow us to provide our patients with the very highest level of care possible today.

Taking the image is very simple. The scan generally takes between 20 and 30 seconds and the images are transferred directly to a computer.We look forward to providing you with exceptional care utilizing the most current and advanced technology available in dentistry.

You may have received a flash drive to access the 3D image data.  The flash drive will include several files:  

  1. Pano File: “Patient Name_Panorama_2016########” which contains a copy of the Pano image. Click on the file to open and view the image.
  2. Image File: “Patient Name_Other_Image_2016########”  There may be additional images on the flash drive. Click on the file to open and view the image.
  3. CBCT Folder: “Patient Name_2016########” which includes the CBCT data.
  • Open the folder and double click on the application file entitled “OneVolumeViewer”.
  • When One Volume Viewer opens, select “OK”.
  • The CBCT image will load and you will be able to manipulate the image using the red (sagittal), green (axial), and blue (frontal) lines.

 If you have any questions or can’t access the images, please call us at 480-855-8800.