Root canal awareness week encourages those with tooth pain to talk with their dentist to see if a root canal can by a board certified endodontist can relieve their pain and safe their tooth.Root Canal Awareness Week

Despite state-of-the-art advancements in endodontic treatment that make root canal procedures often as straightforward as fillings, many people don’t know there are dental specialists who limit their practice to performing root canals. Endodontists are highly trained specialists in treating the roots of the tooth. Our Board Certified Endodontists have two years of additional training beyond dental school and use specialized techniques and technologies to diagnose and treat tooth pain accurately and comfortably.

During Root Canal Awareness Week, Asrari Endodontics along with the American Association of Endodontists want to dispel the myths surrounding root canals and encourage patients who need endodontic treatment to see their dentist. As endodontists, we believe saving your natural teeth, if possible, is always the best option.  

Patients who need root canal treatment should discuss their treatment options with their dentist. They may also contact one of our Board Certified Endodontists for more information on how root canal treatment can save a tooth for a lifetime.