May I interest you in a Root Canal?

Root canals are misunderstood. They don’t cause pain – root canals relieve pain caused by damaged tissue in the tooth. Saving your natural teeth, if possible, is always the best option. As root canal specialists, our doctors perform root canals of distinctive quality and unsurpassed comfort. If you a severe toothache, give us a call. A root canal may be the solution. 

Our Root Canal Ambassadors 

To help spread the important message that root canals save teeth, we’ve enlisted the help of our Root Canal Ambassadors! You may see someone carrying a sports bag or wearing a shirt with “May I interest you in a Root Canal?” emblazoned on the back. These are our Root Canal Ambassadors! Stop and ask them how root canals save natural teeth. Ask them about the latest technology that makes root canals more successful than ever, or ask them to share their positive experience with root canals. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable root canals can be!   

Gilbert Lifestyle Magazine 

You may have noticed Asrari Endodontics featured in Gilbert Lifestyle Magazine. The magazine provides another means of teaching others that root canals save natural teeth! Just another reminder that we are here to help relieve your tooth pain and save your smile!Gilbert Lifestyle Magazine  -  December  2019