Promotion of Tooth Repair using GSK3 Antagonists

Presented by: Max Staheli, AzAE Student Scholar

This was a mini-lecture presented by one of the AzAE Student Scholars who aspires to become an Endodontist. At the time he presented, Max was a freshman attending Basis in Mesa, Arizona.   This mini-lecture was presented as part of Dr. Asrari’s course on the Detection and Treatment of Root Fractures, which was part of the Endodontic Excellence lecture series presented by the Arizona Academy of Endodontics and Asrari Endodontics.  During this mini-lecture attendees discovered:

  • The role of GSK3 antagonists to repair cavities 
  • Tideglusib as a GSK3 antagonist
  • Stimulation of pulpal stem cells by Tideglusib 
  • Clinical evidence of cavity repair in mice using Tideglusib
  • Potential impact of GSK3 antagonists in dentistry

AzAE is an ADA CERP recognized provider.

If you are interested in this topic, please let us know and we can send a copy of the materials.